Commissioned Art

Looking for some custom or original artwork? Below are samples of commissioned artwork and some of the current original pieces for sale at our studio. We would love to work with you to create a custom piece.

for-sale-spring-whirl-30-x-40-sold 1 orig

for-sale-sun-lion-36-x-36 1 orig

for-sale-the-shallows-48-x-60 1 orig

commissioned-agave-36-x-36 orig

commissioned-gp2019-12-x-36 orig

commissioned-moco-36-x-48 orig

commissioned-nyc-24-x-36 orig

commissioned-storm-30-x-48 orig

for-sale-feathered-serpent-48-x-48 1 orig

for-sale-freddie-48-x-60 1

for-sale-frida-donut-16-x-20 1 orig

for-sale-haleakala-sunset-30-x-48 1 orig

for-sale-nautilus-40-x-48-sold 1 orig

for-sale-roadrunner-15-x-40 1 orig